Help us develop the Think Fathers Dad Test

29 September 2009

A key part of the package we will be offering to Champion organisations in the children’s, family and health sector will be the Dad Test – a detailed self-assessment tool to help service providers identify and work through the changes needed to make their services more father-inclusive, backed up by support from the Institute for agencies that want it.

We are now consulting with Champions about the Dad Test and the support providers might need around it. If you are a Champion, and would like to contribute to the consultation, which ends on 14 October, please download:

A draft version of the Dad Test, and a Dad Test consultation form…from the Related Documents section below. Simply right click on the document names and ‘Save Target As’ to save them to your hard disk. Print off the Dad Test draft and then fill in your comments on the consultation form. When you have finished, please email it back to us, as an attachment, to

If you are not yet a Champion, click here to find a series of articles that describe the campaign, and how you can contribute to it.

Watch out for our next consultation…

…which will be about the role of commissioners in promoting father-inclusive strategies and services, and how the Think Fathers campaign can support them.