First Report from the Coalition of Men and Boys (COMAB)

30 July 2009

Who are COMAB?

The Coalition on Men and Boys is a new UK organisation that aims to:

  • explore the problems that men and boys face and the problems they create
  • harness the huge potential that men and boys have to contribute to the well-being of society.
  • identify how policy and practice – in relation to issues such as work, fatherhood, education, health, and violence – can engage more effectively with men and boys in the UK.

Current members are Action for Children, Bradford University’s Research Unit on Men and Masculinities, the Fatherhood Institute, the Men’s Health Forum, Relate, Respect (the national
association for domestic violence perpetrator programmes), and the White Ribbon Campaign.

The COMAB report

“Man Made: Men, masculinities and equality in public policy” draws upon a wide range of domestic and international evidence to provide a unique in-depth picture of the current circumstances of men and boys in the UK.

Focusing on the key themes of work, fatherhood, health, education and violence, the report explores the opportunities and risks in involving men and boys in gender equality strategies, how policy and practice can engage with men and boys effectively, and outlines recommendations for reform at all levels.

To obtain the report

Copies of the full report (price £10) can be ordered from:

Downstream Building
1 London Bridge

download it FREE from the Coalition’s website