FI statement on Joseph Rowntree Foundation fatherhood report

18 September 2009

Rob Williams, Chief Executive of the Fatherhood Institute welcomed the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s report on modern fatherhood as an important contribution to our understanding of how men and women are working together to bring up their children.

“When fathers combine their breadwinning with more involvement at home, children are likely to avoid the problems of adolescence, such as early binge drinking and drug taking. So it’s good news that fathers are spending more time with their children.

“But there is still a division of roles, in which men work and spend time with their children on play – and women take on most of the childcare and housework. Play can be fitted around working hours easier than the daily running of the household.

“Before men can really take on the full range of parenting duties we need to release them from the assumption that they must be the breadwinner above all other things.”

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