Fathers and Parenting Interventions: What Works?

27 October 2009

Our new research briefing, Fathers and Parenting Interventions: What Works? examines evidence about the engagement of fathers in parent education and training, and makes practical recommendations for how commissioners and service providers can improve local parenting services.

We critically assess, and highlight gaps in, the evidence behind the most common parenting courses; pull together the latest research on how best to deliver services that work for mothers, fathers and children; and provide tips and strategies on how parenting services could better recruit and engage with fathers. The guide also presents commissioners of parenting services with a 10-point Commissioning Checklist to help them improve children’s wellbeing by ensuring they develop programmes as part of an overall father-inclusive strategy.

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Download a free guide summary

You can download a free 8-page commissioning guide which includes the Executive Summary of Fathers and Parenting Interventions: What Works? and the 10-point Commissioning Checklist, from here: http://www.fatherhoodinstitute.org/uploads/publications/444.pdf