Download a Think Fathers Champion Statement

29 September 2009

Individual Champions commit to supporting the overall aims of the Think Fathers campaign – and there are lots of ways to do that. We want to encourage Individual Champions to create their own statement which describes how they plan to champion positive father-child relationships.

To sign up as an Individual Champion, click here, fill in your details and click ‘send’.

To download a Think Fathers Champion Statement form, just click on Think Fathers Champion Statement under ‘Related Documents’ below and save it onto your hard disk. Once you have filled in your name and statement, you can print it off and pin it to your wall to show your friends, family and colleagues. When our new interactive website comes on stream (spring 2010) you will be able to publish your statement on your own Champion page. In the meantime please send us an email to to tell us what you’ve written and why. You could send us your form as an email attachment if you like.

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Click here to find a series of articles that describe the campaign, and how you can contribute to it.


Think Fathers Champion Statement