Australian Fatherhood Research Network

25 March 2009

The Australian Fatherhood Research Network (AFRN) promotes high-quality collaborative research into fatherhood and fathering in Australia by encouraging researchers, academics, managers, practitioners and those developing policy to pay attention to the important roles that fathers play in family and community life.

The AFRN Research Bulletin

The Research Network also produces regular editions of the AUSTRALIAN FATHERHOOD RESEARCH BULLETIN, which is currently available free, and provides information on the latest research reports, conferences and policy developments relevant to fatherhood.

View Bulletin 1 where you will find reports relating to:

  • UK Sure Start evaluation: NESS evaluation
  • Randomized control trial of contiuous labor support
  • Tears after childbirth: a nationwide follow up
  • Fathering and adolescents’ psychological adjustment
  • Interactive silences within spontaneous early infant-father dialogues
  • Parenting and children’s cardiovascular function
  • Depression in men in the postnatal period and later child psychopathology
  • Involvement among resident fathers and links to infant cognitive outcomes
  • Effects of paternal presence and family stability on child cognitive performance
  • Ambiguous position of the child in supervised meetings
  • Changes in the patterns of post-separation parenting over time
  • Facilitating father engagement
  • Communicating with fathers

View Bulletin 2 where you will find reports relating to:

  • Assessment of postnatal paternal-infant attachment: development of a questionnaire instrument.
  • Analyzing Participant Produced Photographs From an Ethnographic Study of Fatherhood and Smoking.
  • He Said, She Said: Comparing Mother and Father Reports of Father Involvement.
  • Interactive Silences within Spontaneous Early Infant–Father Dialogues.
  • Parental imprisonment: Long-lasting effects on boys’ internalizing problems through the life course.
  • Fathers’ play with their Down Syndrome children
  • Concealed concern: Fathers’ experiences of having a child with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.
  • The donor, the father, and the imaginary constitution of the family: Parents’ constructions in the case of donor insemination.
  • Psychological functioning and predictors relationship in IVF fathers and controls.
  • Parental imprisonment: Long-lasting effects on boys’ internalizing problems through the life course.
  • Co-parenting Relationships After Divorce: Variations by Type of Marital Violence and Fathers’ Role Differentiation.
  • Randomized Study of a Prebirth Coparenting Intervention With Adolescent and Young Fathers.
  • Paternal Work Characteristics and Father-Infant Interactions in Low-Income, Rural Families.
  • Social position, early deprivation and the development of attachment.
  • Predictors and outcomes of low-income fathers’ reading with their toddlers.

Bulletin 3 (February 2009) covers another whole range of fascinating topics

Other Bulletins will be produced regularly for the foreseeable future.

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