Assessment tool to review the emotional health of fathers in the post-natal period

13 August 2009

Surrey Parenting Education and Support together with the Fatherhood Institute have developed a draft tool for evaluating and supporting the mental health of new fathers.  The tool may be particularly useful where the fathers have partners who are experiencing post-natal depression (PND),or are at risk of PND or are anxious.  Similarly the tool may be useful where fathers themselves are experiencing anxiety or depression.

The tool builds extensively on a framework of ante and post-natal interviews developed as part of the European Early Promotion Project Primary Health Care Worker Training Manual. (Davis, H et al 2000). This tool has been adapted to be inclusive to fathers and their partners.

View and freely download the Assessment Tool

For more information about the Assessment Tool please contact Fiona Taylor

For more information about Fathers and Post-natal Depression go to:

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