All Dads Matter: Towards an Inclusive Vision for Father Involvement Initiatives in Canada

24 December 2009

(Father Involvement Research Alliance, Canada)

This paper addresses the lack of coordinated support for diverse populations of fathers/parents in one country – Canada – by articulating a socially inclusive vision for father/parent involvement initiatives that can be applied in many other countries. The best/wise policy and programme initiatives discussed throughout the paper illustrate that working towards a more socially inclusive ordering of society requires more than a willingness to engage in an ongoing dialogue that seeks to cultivate respect and appreciation for diversity. The case studies of Aboriginal, immigrant and refugee as well as gay, bisexual and trans-gendered father/parent involvement initiatives highlight that those responsible for initiating policies and programs must also be committed to challenging assimilationist thinking by supporting more just and equitable social, economic, legal and political processes and structures.

Chapters headings are:

  • International and Canadian Developments in Father Involvement Initiatives
  • Social Inclusion in Canada
  • The Social and Political Context of Father Involvement Policies and Programs
  • Inreach, Cultural Competence, and Intercultural Dialogue and Activity
  • Father Involvement Initiatives and the “Problem” with Men
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Perspectives, Experiences and Best/Wise Initiatives: A Community-oriented Vision for Father Involvement
  • The Political and Cultural Context of a Community-Oriented Vision for Indigenous Father Involvement Initiatives
  • Immigrant and Refugee Experiences, Perspectives and Best/Wise Initiatives: A Settlement-oriented Vision of Father Involvement
  • The Political and Cultural Context of a Settlement-Oriented Vision for Immigrant and Refugee Father Involvement Initiatives
  • Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgendered (GBT) Perspectives and Best/Wise Initiatives:
  • A Personal Identity/Individual Rights-oriented Vision of Father/Parent Involvement
  • The Political and Cultural Context of a Personal Identity/Individual Rights-oriented
  • Vision for GBT Father/Parent Involvement Initiatives
  • Concluding Remarks and Recommendations
  • References

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