About the Think Fathers Campaign

1 December 2009

A wealth of research shows that good or bad, alive or dead, fathers matter hugely to their children. The Think Fathers campaign aims to bring about a sea-change in British culture, politics and public services, whereby fathers’ significance in their children’s lives is fully recognised and acted upon.

The campaign has three goals:

• To transform children’s, family and health services, including maternity services, pre-schools/nurseries and schools into services which systematically engage with fathers and support father-child and parental relationships.
• To promote public understanding and debate about fatherhood and how we can all support fathers’ positive involvement in their children’s lives
• To develop father-inclusive approaches at work – for example, flexible working and leave arrangements for men and women which take account of fathers’ roles in bringing up children

How can you contribute to Think Fathers?

Firstly, if you agree with the aim and goals of the Think Fathers campaign, you could register as an Individual Champion. As an Individual Champion, you can download and fill in a Champion Statement, setting out in your own words how you plan to support the campaign – and send it to us to keep us up to date with your ideas and activities. We will keep a log and publish occasional summaries of the kinds of things you are doing, on our website and in our Annual Fatherhood Report. Second, we are focusing on the first of our goals by inviting agencies, projects or services within the UK’s children’s, family and health services, to sign up as Agency Champions – commit to doing the Dad Test and telling us the results. Third, Agency Champions are eligible for our new premium support package, Champions Plus.

For more details about Think Fathers Champions; the Dad Test; the FREE Fatherhood Institute support on offer to all Champions; and Champions Plus – click here.

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