About Champions Plus

1 December 2009
If your agency, project or service has signed up as an Agency Champion, it is eligible to buy our new Champions Plus support package.  Champions Plus is designed to help your organisation carry out a detailed self-assessment of how father-inclusive it is, and to develop and implement an action plan to support father-child and parental relationships more effectively.

What the Champions Plus package includes

•       A Dad Test Logbook. This identifies in detail exactly what you need to do to become father-inclusive, and enables you to record your progress and map out your strategies for becoming more father-inclusive. The Logbook is currently available in hard copy format, but will be available in an online version from spring 2010
•       Intensive, targeted support from our new team of Regional Development Officers, for a nominated link person in your agency, project or service
•       10% discount on Fatherhood Institute training and consultancy. [Note: an agency with 25 staff would earn back £180 – more than their Champions Plus fee – when booking a single one-day course for all their staff]
•       E-mail advice line and regular e-briefings
•       Priority booking for events
For Champions Plus we charge on a sliding scale according to the size of your organisation, as below:
Number of staff
Cost per year per organisation/ project/ service
Sliding scale up to:
More than 1,000
To buy Champions Plus, please contact your Regional Development Officer, who will register you to Champions Plus and arrange invoicing – and will be happy to talk through any other requirements or queries:
Dirk Uitterdijk, Senior Regional Development Officer
Areas covered: North West, Yorkshire & Humberside and the North East
Email: d.uitterdijk@fatherhoodinstitute.org  
Tel: 07825 165832

Deslynne Roberts, Regional Development Officer
Area covered: London Region
Email: d.roberts@fatherhoodinstitute.org  
Tel: 0779 9068139

Nimmi Johal, Regional Development Officer
Areas covered: East Midlands and East of England
Email: n.johal@fatherhoodinstitute.org  
Tel: 0779 6522361

Jeszemma Garratt, Regional Development Officer
Areas covered: South East, South West and West Midlands
Email: j.garratt@fatherhoodinstitute.org  
Tel: 0791 7864130


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