Website for practitioners working with young fathers

7 May 2008

A website for practitioners working with young fathers, set up by the Trust for the Study of Adolescence in October 2007, is attracting around 2,500 visitors a month.

The site contains lots of practical information about reaching and working with young fathers including ways of developing more ‘young father friendly’ services.

It also includes a new case study each month, for example one about the New Dad Project in South London.

All the information on the site is drawn from people who are working with young fathers – there are tips, plus lots of detail about who is doing what and where, including the contact details of various projects.

On the site it is also possible to sign up for the Young Fathers Forum, a fully moderated members-only facility which will offer the opportunity to ask questions of different ‘experts’ as the year progresses. To sign up for this facility, follow the link from the website homepage.