Training Courses – Working With Fathers

2 September 2008

As the Government’s Think Fathers campaign takes shape and more and more government guidance talks about the need to engage with fathers (click here for more detail), isn’t it time you organised some training to equip your team with the strategies to make it happen?

Research shows that working with both parents rather than just one makes parent education programmes “significantly more effective” (Bakernans-Kranenburg et al, 2003), so think how much better your outcomes could be!

Father and sonIn-house courses

We run a range of courses to help managers and staff develop skills and strategies to include fathers in their practice, promote their greater involvement in their children’s lives, and work with mothers and children on the topic of fatherhood. These courses can be delivered in-house for your agency (or group of agencies) over one, two or three days. Costs are from £1,400 per day for up to 15 trainees.

Courses include:

  • Working with Fathers in Children’s Centres
  • Working with Young Fathers
  • Women Working with Fathers

The format for each course reflects the national policy agenda and our extensive knowledge of ‘what works’, but we also consult with you in depth at the outset to tailor YOUR course to YOUR specific requirements.

For our 10 most recent courses we achieved ‘excellent’/ ‘very good’ ratings from 73% of participants; a further 21% rated them ‘good’!

We asked participants what they had learned on the course. Here are some examples of what they said:

Good awareness now of the importance of how fathers impact on children, and how to be more conscious of involving Dads.’

‘How there are lots of barriers to engaging with fathers and how this needs to be considered.’

‘Much improved awareness of Dad’s needs; I will be much more pro-active in home visits starting with inviting the Dad to be present.’

‘Being more conscious of involving fathers in everything, conversations, groups and activities, even though the father may not be able to be there physically.’

‘Registration of new families – be aware of asking about fathers. More aware of the different types of fathers and the impact on children.’

‘Seeing the importance of engaging fathers, and trying to drip feed to mothers the importance of fathers role in their children’s lives.’

Public courses

We also run ‘open’ courses from time to time.

Places on public courses cost from £160 per day, and they book up fast.


Details about who to contact about different aspects of Fatherhood Institute training can be found here.