Toolkit for Father-Inclusive Practice: Testimonials

23 July 2008

Local authorities, Children’s Centres and other early years services across the country have bought and loved our Toolkit for Father-Inclusive Practice – now celebrating its first anniversary.

What’s more, Canada recently sent for 100 copies; and the Australian government has approached us about producing a Down Under version.

We surveyed 200 Toolkit purchasers at random – and received a 17.5% response rate! They told us:

  •   “It gives a convincing summary of reasons to include fathers” (94%)
  •   “I’ve used the Toolkit to encourage my agency and/or colleagues to develop father-inclusive practice” (91%)
  •   “It includes a useful summary of the current policy framework” (89%)
  •   “It’s given me lots of practical ideas” (80%)
  •   “It’s helped stimulate discussion/ ideas/ interest/ enthusiasm among colleagues” (80%)
  •   “I’ve used it to develop my own personal capacity” (80%)

To find out more about the Toolkit, click here.

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