Partner Abuse Consultancy and Training courses

23 July 2008

Partner Abuse Consultancy and Training (PACT) courses are run by some of the most experienced workers in the field of domestic violence intervention.  They are participatory, memorable and practical and incorporate diverse teaching methods, from drama to experiential exercises, in order to meet a broad range of learning styles.  They are designed to change people’s practice, rather than just increase their knowledge base.

PACT offers a wide range of bespoke training courses on all aspects of domestic violence intervention work. See their website for course outlines and costings.

PACT courses include:

  • Working with perpetrators of Domestic Violence. This is a five day skills training course for anyone wanting to work individually or with groups in a domestic abuse intervention project.
  • Understanding Domestic Violence
  • Parenting after Domestic Violence
  • Working with Young People and Domestic Violence
  • Working with children who have lived with domestic violence
  • Supervised contact

PACT trainers

Kate Iwi

Kate has worked in the field of Domestic Violence for sixteen years.  She worked for many years at the Domestic Violence Intervention Project in London, assessing and working with men wishing to address their violence to partners.  As well as working with perpetrators both individually and in groups, she has facilitated fathering groups, linked women’s support groups and undertaken therapeutic work with children.  She has been developing, undertaking and supervising family courts risk assessments since 1999 and for 5 years managed the Stephen’s Place Childrens Centre and Al-aman – a specialist DV project for Arabic speaking communities.

In 2000 Kate wrote a manual for Domestic Violence Interventions which is used by a number of projects around the UK and Europe, and has recently written a manual for working with young people and domestic violence.  Kate and Chris have recently developed a training in Risk Assessment for the Family Courts for CAFCASS, which will soon be delivered nationwide.  Kate has been training others in this work since 1998 and now provides freelance training and consultancy.

Dr Chris Newman

Chris Newman has had 13 years of experience doing individual work and group work with men around their violence and abuse to partners.  He has worked for many years as a group facilitator on domestic violence perpetrator programmes and has also facilitated the ‘Caring Dads’ fathering programme.  He has extensive experience of training other professionals in working with perpetrators of domestic violence.  He also carries out risk assessment reports and acts as an expert witness in private law child contact cases and public law child protection cases.
Chris has a research background in developmental and forensic psychology, including research investigating emotional and cognitive deficits in psychopathic murderers and sex offenders, as well as the effect of drugs on emotional perception.  He is trained as an adult education tutor and is currently working towards a Masters degree in systemic and family therapy.  He is currently coordinating a multi-site evaluation of domestic violence perpetrator programmes for RESPECT.

For more details:

telephone: 0771 432 9550.

PACT is a member of Respect – the UK membership association for domestic violence perpetrator programmes and associated support services.

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