NSPCC ‘Fathergood?’ Photographic Exhibition

17 April 2008

The purpose of the ‘Fathergood?’ exhibition is to get children and young people thinking about the roles that their fathers and father-figures play in both their life – and in the wider society.

The project began when more than 40 young people from NSPCC projects and services, consultation groups and schools took part in a workshop to explore ideas, images and feelings around fatherhood. Each young person was then given a disposable camera to take home, with the brief to take photographs of what fatherhood means to them.
They were encouraged to think creatively and abstractly about their photographs and consider how they could translate their thoughts and feelings into images.

The result is a range of powerful photographs which show the different ways fatherhood is experienced and interpreted by today’s youngsters. Through images of hearts, orange juice and medals the positives of fatherhood – love, support, sharing, guiding – are portrayed: The negatives come through clearly, too: empty wine bottles, road signs and broken branches symbolise loneliness, difficulties in communication, absentee fathers and fractured relationships.

All the images are personal and unique to their photographer, yet they evoke passion, discussion and debate about the importance of fathers and their role in society today.

The exhibition will be at RichMix Gallery, Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, E1 6LA from Tuesday 29th April to 6th May. To attend the opening of the exhibition on Tuesday 29th April 6.30–8.30pm please email Katie on kcanning@nspcc.org.uk  

Pictures will be displayed on the NSPCC website www.nspcc.org.uk from 29th April