ManAlive: Boys and Men’s Mental Health Forum Monthly Meeting

Published: 12 December 2008

Tuesday 16th December 2008 10.00am -12.00

The Gateway Community Centre
Thackeray Road, Ravenscliffe
Bradford  BD10 0JR

Keynote Presentation by Lee Stagles
Rosalie Ryrie Foundation
A.D.A.P.T Men’s Group
“I didn’t know how sick I was until I started getting better – A Journey into Manhood."

Are you concerned about the mental / emotional health and well being of Men and Boys?
Do you worry about problems such as: Male suicide, risky behaviour, gun/knife crime, drugs & alcohol, violence & aggression?

Please join us for support, raising awareness to the emotional/ psychological distress of Boys and Men, developing male focussed /strengths based interventions, sharing ‘best practice’ and networking.

Contact The Brave+ Project on 07906 203 062 or via email

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