Keep your eye on the TSA’s “Microsite” on young fathers . . .

13 August 2008

The Trust for the Study of Adolescence has updated (August 2008) the Supporting Young Fathers Network microsite with the following case study:

Emerging practice: Trafford and Derby Young Fathers Projects.  This case study features two relatively new projects which are proving sustainable because they are based within the youth service in each location, where there is a youth worker with a special remit to identify those young men who are fathers, and provide them with support and advocacy.  To read more, visit:

Furthermore, by visiting the site’s Young Fathers Forum, workers (and young fathers and their families) can post questions, chat, and exchange knowledge. Visit:

It’s worth keeping a regular eye on this site, as it’s regularly updated with news items and details of resources for work with young fathers. A new case study is added each month. For other recent case studies on the site visit:


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