‘Home Front’: What do mums and dads need to make life work?

11 July 2008

Don’t miss out! This is your chance to make a difference to the policy process on work/life balance through a high profile national poll, survey and debate.

What is “Home Front”?

Over the next four months two leading parenting websites – www.mumsnet.com and www.dad.info – will, with the support of the Fatherhood Institute and the Equality and Human Rights Commission – be hosting a high profile national debate – “Home Front: what do mums and dads need to make life work” – as part of a larger initiative headed up by the EHRC called "Working Better: The 21st Century Challenge".

The “Home Front” poll, survey and debate are designed to enable real dads and mums to tell us how they organise work and caring – and what they need to make life easier. The results will be fed into the EHRC’S policy process and will be presented to politicians and policy makers. We’re hoping a whole new regime to support work/life balance will, eventually, result.

What can you do?

  • Take 5 minutes to fill in an on-line survey which explores how you and your partner share responsibility for bringing home the bacon / caring for the children. The survey is open to everyone who lives in the UK; is a parent; and lives with children and also has a partner living in the same house. 
  • You can also join other fathers and mothers in “Home Front” discussions where you can talk about what works, or doesn’t work for you and your family, read top tips and add your own – and help us develop new ideas and policies to pass on to government.

We do hope you’ll take part – and encourage others to do so, too!

And to get your head round some of the issues…

You may also wish to look at the Dad Info website’s work section, and at the Fatherhood Institute’s Summary of Research on Fathers, Mothers, Work and Family.