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22 September 2008

Dad Info’s specialist Dad Cards for Black and Minority Ethnic Fathers are small, credit card-sized, fold-out cards which provide detailed information for expectant fathers from particular ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Polish Dad CardProduced in a range of community languages and written and designed in a culturally sensitive way, the cards (the Polish version of which is pictured here) encourage dads to remain closely involved throughout the antenatal period and beyond.

What do the cards cover?

The core content of all the cards is:

  • an outline of what dads should expect services to do during the antenatal period, and how they themselves can participate
  • advice on attending scans and clinical tests
  • advice on helping out at the birth and with breastfeeding
  • a summary of workplace rights
  • calls to action to get involved and be an active father
  • space to note down important dates before the due date
  • inspirational quotes from relevant cultural sources.

What types of cards are available?

There are six different types of card, available in batches of 20 (all of one type) for £8 plus postage, packing and VAT, through the Fatherhood Institute shop:

  • Afro-Caribbean: Written in English, it includes quotes about fatherhood from relevant icons including Will Smith and LL Cool J
  • Muslim: Written in English, it includes quotes about fatherhood from Muslim dads and sacred texts
  • Polish: Written in Polish, it includes quotes from Polish dads and advice on dealing with the NHS as a non-English speaker
  • West African (French-speaking): Aimed at fathers from Francophone countries such as Cameroon and Ivory Coast, the card includes quotes about fatherhood from key West African musical icons Youssou N’Dour, Femi Kuti and Salif Keita
  • Somali: A version of the Muslim card translated into Somali and including quotes from Somali dads
  • Bengali: Aimed at communities where Bengali is a spoken and/or written language (for example Sylheti communities). Includes quotes from Bengali fathers.

Like the other Dad Cards, all the cards also prompt fathers to visit and register with – a key information resource developed by Dad Info in partnership with the Fatherhood Institute, which aims to inform, educate and engage with dads in a style and tone that suits them.

Please note: For dads for whom English is not a first language it is hoped that, funding permitting, will be able to host community language content in the future, but this is not yet possible.

How do I order BME cards?

BME Dad Cards can be ordered in batches of 20 (all of one type) through the Fatherhood Institute SHOP:

To buy 20 Afro-Caribbean cards click here

To buy 20 Muslim cards click here

To buy 20 Polish cards click here

To buy 20 West African cards click here

To buy 20 Somali cards click here

To buy 20 Bengali cards click here.

Please note: 20 is the minimum order of any card ‘type’. It is possible to buy larger quantities and to create ‘mixed’ batches involving more than one card ‘type’, but only by email or telephone. To place such orders, or find out answers to any further questions, please email the Dad Info team or telephone them on                0845 224 2009        .

Dad Info PosterHow do I tell dads the Dad Cards are available?

Why not buy some of Dad Info’s striking and stylish posters, available to buy now: click here.


What about other Dad cards?

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