Fatherhood Institute Photo Pack

30 December 2008

packandpostersThe FI’s Fatherhood Photo Pack is designed to help practitioners in a range of settings engage in stimulating and challenging discussions about fathers and fatherhood – with dads themselves, with other family members and with each other.

So whether you work in a Children’s Centre, nursery or school, or engage with dads and their families through youth, teenage pregnancy, maternity or primary care services, the Photo Pack offers you the ideal ‘way in’ to talking with and about dads.

What’s in the pack?

The pack contains 10 x A5 photo cards, each of which features an image or set of images and – on the reverse side – key research findings, interesting facts and simple exercises. The cards are designed for use in a variety of ways and with a range of audiences, in different settings.

For example, the cards are numbered and can be used in a sequence to help structure discussions where progress from more generic learning points to more specific topics is helpful (for example in staff trainings, or sessional work with parents). They can also be used in a ‘pick and mix’ fashion, perhaps for more focused discussions with adults and when working with children in a manner appropriate to their stage of learning and development.

This pack can be used alongside the Fatherhood Institute’s Toolkit for Father-Inclusive Practice and the Fatherhood Institute’s Poster Pack, as part of a strategy to develop more father-inclusive services.

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