Engaging BME and Refugee Communities

13 November 2008

Achieving Effective Cross-Cultural Community Liaison and Collaboration

January – March 2009

Fee:  £375

A ten-week course for health and social care professionals

The course aims to heighten participants’ sensitivity to, and understanding of, a range of subjects including:

  • Working effectively with different minority communities
  • How to collaborate with cultural consultants
  • How to work across language barriers
  • Identifying risk in cultural contexts and debunking myths in relation to ‘acceptable’ behaviour
  • Making use of relevant research findings in relation to BME work
  • Improving the quality of multi-agency work in cross-cultural contexts
  • Models of community empowerment
  • Taking account of the impact of traumatic separations and/or violence and forced migration on the emotional well-being of refugee and asylum seeking families

Please view the course programme for full details and to book a place.

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