Dad Card: Maternity

13 June 2008

Dad card boxMaternity Dad Cards are small, credit card-sized cards which fold out, concertina-fashion to provide key information for expectant fathers.

The cards fit into dads’ wallets and prompt them to visit and register with – a key information resource, developed by Dad Info in partnership with the Fatherhood Institute, which aims to inform, educate and engage with dads in a style and tone that suits them.

The Maternity Dad Cards were developed and produced by Dad Info, following feedback from midwives and dads, to be a neat and convenient way of helping maternity professionals engage with fathers accessing your service.

They can be stored, displayed and distributed easily in boxes designed to sit on a reception desk. You can pop a few in your bag or pocket and signpost men to the Dad Info website in seconds just by handing them out to dads-to-be that you meet.

Dad cards are free

Yes, they are completely free to UK maternity units – and free to dads too. There is a small amount of appropriate advertising in order to make them free, but you can rest assured that the midwives on the Dad Info team have sought NMC guidance to vet the adverts used. The current sponsors are the NSPCC, Children’s Mutual (Child Trust Funds) and the Government’s family information services phone line.

Is my unit distributing Maternity Dad Cards?

You can check if your unit has signed up to distribute Dad Cards, and who our contact person is by clicking here. If your unit has not yet ordered Dad Cards but would like to, email Dad Info.

Will I need much storage space?

One box of Maternity Dad Cards contains 250 cards and is about the size of an average hardback book. Dad Info is able to deliver them in manageable batches based on your annual birth rate. To confirm your unit’s own unique circumstances, ask your contact person to email Dad Info.

Why do I need Maternity Dad Cards?

Midwives are required to keep themselves up to date and adhere to Government policies. Several new policy documents emphasise the importance of engaging fathers within Maternity services. For a summary of government requirements as set out in key policy documents, click here. By providing fathers with pregnancy related information and involving them in maternity care, you’ll be working towards achieving Government recommendations.

Has Dad Info content been checked by midwives?

Yes. All of the articles on pregnancy, birth and babies on Dad Info have been checked by a senior midwife from Midwives Online. Its information on breastfeeding has been approved by the Department of Health’s Breastfeeding team, and the La Leche league has provided additional input.

How do I order Maternity Dad Cards?

To contact Dad Info about placing an order, or if you have any further questions, email the Dad Info team or telephone them on 0845 224 2009.

Dad Info PosterHow do I tell dads the Dad Cards are available?

Why not buy some of Dad Info’s striking and stylish posters, available to buy now: click here.

What about other Dad Cards?

To find out about Early Years Dad Cards, click here.

For information about Dad Cards for black and minority ethnic fathers, click here.


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