Charity aims to establish the UK’s first hostel for single dads

18 November 2008

Dads House is a newly registered charity which is hoping to set up the first dedicated hostel for homeless fathers.

Dads House estimates that there are around 210,000 single fathers in the UK, with 280,000 dependent children living with them (figures it has collated suggest 64% of ‘single dad families’ include one child, and a further 28%, two children). In Inner London alone the organisation estimates there are around 19 000 single fathers who are known to various social services, receiving no specific housing provision that takes account of their family status.

The charity aims to set up its first Dads House in London within a year, offering temporary accommodation for up to 15 lone fathers and their children for up to 6 months before helping them make the transition to permanent housing. The hostel would offer fathers access to counsellors, advice and information on housing and education, a crèche and a restaurant.

Dads House is looking to work in partnership with Housing Associations, Statutory agencies and relevant organisations.

For further information, contact: Dads House founder William McGranaghan on
tel 0203 1552091 or 077 65183504 or via email. Or you can visit the Dads House website.

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