Working with Men’s Resources for Young Dads

4 July 2007

Specialists in engaging with boys and young men, the charity ‘Working With Men’ have produced a range of resources designed to help you attract expectant and new young fathers – and meet their needs.

Young fathers are too often invisible and when they are seen they are often thought to be irresponsible, feckless and immature. While some may fit this description, many others do not.

To show that you’re aware of this, why not brighten up your noticeboards with a set of four A2 full colour posters which show young fathers engaging positively with their children? The text ‘it isn’t your age, it is what you do that counts’, aims to counter the view that being young will in itself stop you from being a good father. The posters cost £12.50 for a set of four.

Young father? Or about to become one? is the title of a booklet aimed at new and expectant young fathers, which provides some basic information to prepare them for fatherhood and also directs them to further information. It encourages inclusion of young fathers (especially in pre and post natal care) and highlights some of the many changes that fatherhood will bring to them and their family. Each leaflet costs 60p.

To view the above items visit and to place an order, go to

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