Website of ideas for single dads

7 June 2007

Dadcando is a brilliant website set up by a single dad-of-four who is also an inventor.

The site, created by designer/engineer Chris Barnardo, features tips, advice, fun projects, plans, and shopping lists to help dads make the most of the time they spend with their children, whether they live with them or not. It features games, recipes, advice on homework and a host of great suggestions for other activities.

Mr Barnardo sums up the aims of his site thus: ‘to provide the safest, most original and creative environment for children of all ages; to offer useful help and advice for all dads; to be a positive voice for the single dad; to be an affirmation of the importance of the father’s role in the care of his children; and to bring to the widest audience the fact that within the family unit, however broken up it might be, there is a an equally important role for both dad and mum.’

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