Putting Dads in the Picture National Conference

Published: 16 August 2007

The Putting Dads in the Picture Conference is a national family learning event, which brings together leading organisations that are working with men and/or fathers.  The conference will take place on Wednesday 19 September 2007 at the NEC, Birmingham.

Men and fathers are increasingly recognised as important groups to engage, but are often seen as ‘hard to reach’. This conference will offer delegates the opportunity to attend training workshops that cover how to develop a whole organisation approach to support ‘men friendly’ services. The event will also focus on sharing best practice, showcase innovative ideas and provide delegates with practical tips for involving fathers.

Workshops include:

  • Sowing Seeds: Developing Male Inclusive Services led by Barrington Reeves
  • Dad Can Do led by Chris Barnado 
  • Involving Men as Fathers led by Gailyn Groves, ContinYou
  • Hook a Dad led by Charlotte Dack, Children North East Fathers Plus
  • Fatherskills led by Nick Clements
  • Fathers Matter led by Tim Kahn, Pre-school Learning Alliance
  • Why and How! Six Steps to Father Friendly Training led by Tom Beardshaw, Fathers Direct
  • Dads, Stories and Football! led by Andy Giles & Gaynor Cummings

The cost of this full day conference is:
Full Rate £160 plus VAT
VCS organisations £80 plus VAT

Please note that if you are an organisation working in North Solihull and you register for the Putting Dads in the Picture Project this conference is free.

You can book online, or visit the events pages of the Campaign for Learning’s website 

For more information, email Julie King, Campaign for Learning, or call her on: 0121 7733 3133

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