Prayer and Praise Guide for Muslim Fathers

18 July 2007

Connecting with God and your Child: a fathers’ guide to prayer and praise is a wonderfully illustrated prayer timetable. Assigned to each month is a ‘fathering’ task, which has been developed from a faith perspective.

This charming 12cm x 9cm booklet – which is sold in batches of 20 – is designed to be a ‘calling card’ for health, education and social care professionals to show Muslim fathers that they are valued by services; and to inspire them to play a substantial, empathic role in their children’s lives, from those children’s earliest years.

Fathers Direct has developed this booklet with the An-Nisa Society, which was established in 1985 by a group of young Muslim women, in response to the needs of Muslim women and their families.

You can buy this publication from Fathers Direct via or 0845 634 1328 or through our website SHOP, price £15 for 20 copies.

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