Midwifery Training Module: a unique resource for pre-registration training

8 July 2007


is a beautifully illustrated and clearly laid out Midwifery Module for pre-registration training with special reference to YOUNG FATHERS.

Who is this module for?

Although written specifically for use in pre-registration training, this module will also inform midwife educators working in post-registration training, and – as it is clearly written and easy to understand, and is available as a free download (see below) – can also be given to students as background reading/lecture notes.

What does the module contain – and how should it be used?

Midwife educators can draw fom the material contained in it to inform discussion of particular issues (ante-natal education, labour, breastfeeding, post natal depression, and so on); or to develop a special lecture/seminar on fathers.

SECTION ONE: CHANGING PRACTICE helps trainee midwives understand where fathers are ‘coming from’ as they approach maternity services; and presents a menu of practical suggestions to help them engage effectively with the dads, in the care of mother and infant.

SECTION TWO: CHANGING UNDERSTANDINGS charts the substantial impact – both negative and positive – that fathers have on mothers and infants, so that students understand why it is important to engage with them.

SECTION THREE: CHANGING TIMES explores social, policy and legislative changes which require today’s maternity staff to engage with fathers as an essential element in good maternity practice.

How do I obtain this module?

This module is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

To obtain it, RIGHT click on Family-Friendly Practice: including fathers under RELATED DOCUMENTS (below), choose ‘Save Target As…’ and the pdf should download quickly.

Family-friendly practice: including fathers

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