Major family learning conference

Published: 9 January 2007

A National Family Learning Network conference in collaboration with the BBC’s Child of Our Time team is set to take place on 12 March 2007 at the QEII Conference Centre in London.

The conference aims to examine the roles of families in supporting learning and explore the current policy context and practice. Forums will include:-

  • The Will to Win – Examining the impact of family learning in increasing life chances and paving the way to success
  • Fitting In and Standing Out – Celebrating cultural diversity and showcasing good practice
  • Creativity and Imagination – Family learning working imaginatively with families to stimulate and increase their creativity
  • Putting Dads in the Picture – Dads are in demand, exploring best practice
  • Family Learning In and Out of Prison – Showcasing a variety of approaches and activities used in work with families in and out of prison
  • Reading Families – Engaging families in reading, increasing confidence and inspiring learning.

Child of Our Time is a landmark series featuring families from the widest possible range of genetic, social, geographical and ethnic backgrounds whose children were born around the millennium to answer the question of whether we are born or made.

For more information visit the National Family Learning Network website, email Julie King or telephone 0121 773 3133.