Guide for fathers of deaf children

19 July 2007

The National Deaf Children’s Society has produced a guide to help fathers adjust to life with deaf children, and learn to bring out the best in their offspring.

The NDCS says deaf children ‘need a dad who can be a positive role model, who can play an important part within the family unit, who can make the adjustments that come with having a deaf child, and who is prepared to help their child make the most of their abilities.’ It based the guide, which was produced with funding from the then Department for Education and Skills, on the views of a group of fathers and other male carers of deaf children, gleaned through meetings helf over a period of several weeks.

The booklet gives sources of further information and tips from fathers on being the dad of a deaf child. For further information on the Fathers and Grandparents Project and to find out more about the guide, visit the National Deaf Children’s Society website.