Feedback from Fathers Direct London Roundtable 3 October 2007

22 November 2007

Summary of evaluation forms

Overall evaluation
94% excellent/very good
6% good
0% fair/poor

Evaluation of speakers
100% excellent/very good

Evaluation of specific sessions
Policy & Legislation: 100% very useful/useful
Mapping our Services: 94%
Why Fathers Matter: 100%
The Impact of Services: 100%
Introduction to Consultation: 87%
Designing a consultation: 85%
Planning your next steps: 100%

What did you learn on the course that you can use in your work?

  • How much we leave fathers out
  • Looking at what we are doing and showcasing good practice
  • Get all parties involved
  • Policy & legislation and why fathers matter, reminded why we have to make the case for involving fathers
  • Good evidence base and where to find it. An economic evaluation of savings to services
  • Research signposting for evidence gathering a range of experience shared
  • Highlighting the impact on children if dads are not engaged
  • The need to engage mums to support the engagements of dads
  • Sharing of existing practice by course attendees was very beneficial in helping to shape future approaches to involving fathers more in the services provided
  • To develop current services rather than necessarily create a specialist ‘fathers group’ type approach. That dads know less about child development, but want to know
  • Inclusive service for dads and male carers. Importance of references to support why to work with dads. Usefulness of using mums to work with dads
  • Different approaches anduse of the word ‘engagement’ somehow a much more positive spin than the oft used ‘how do we involve dads’
  • Really good to hear from colleagues in other boroughs. Useful synopsis of research, will help develop our strategy
  • Examples of practice from the other participants
  • Planning next steps
  • Some pieces of research. Pressures on Childrens Centre Managers and staff coping with change
  • Research toolkit in impact of fathers on child
  • Research. Strategies to make fathers workers work in the teams.

How can we make this workshop more useful?

  • Do it as often as you can
  • Examples and more good practice
  • A session for children services – trust commissions may help more fathers up the agenda
  • Be more specific with the target audience
  • More examples of good practice
  • Extend the number of participants across a local area. Bring in more examples of useful good practice
  • Less expensive
  • Involvement/delivery of aspects of the input by fathers groups or fathers who have engaged with groups and are happy to share experiences.

What actions do you plan to take as a result of this workshop?

  • Curriculum sharing evening for Dads. Adult/child interaction training for fathers
  • Plan to ensure the implementation of the standards for the involvement of mothers, fathers and carers
  • Make sure that the strategy for involving fathers is workable and effective
  • Write up for London top brief. Review what work is happening across London with
    teen dads, write TUP and link to raising aspirations. Will use the website
  • To prioritise dads a lot higher and thus plan time to develop projects
  • More proactive in involving fathers directly. Develop strategy for improving involvement with all parties
  • Review my services, challenge borough referral forms
  • Look into ‘baby express’ programme
  • Robust linkage from midwifery services into other services for dads. Staff training
  • More emphasis on dads in parenting plan
  • To organise ‘working with men’ training. To link with other initiatives to ensure they know about us
  • Lots. I feel passionate about this subject. Fathers charter/joint commissioning proposal/training for staff
  • Share the research base with the Parenting Commissioner and continue to be pro-active in engaging young fathers
  • Targeted consultations with fathers
  • More fathers workers. Keeping fathers high on agenda.

What other support do you need from Fathers Direct?

  • Use of website. Would like to do a piece of work on co-parenting at some stage. I have co-parented for 9 years and would like to be able to pass on the knowledge of how to best navigate the winding road
  • May be interested in some multi-agency training with front line staff
  • Follow up session. Ongoing support and guidance through web site
  • Research evidence. Information on best practice
  • Not sure what next, but know where to find you
  • Ongoing supervision/further training
  • Support with an issue, right to information, what is the right of a young father-to-be to receive information about his unborn child
  • Focus groups that professionals can attend.

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