Fatherhood Institute Regional Roundtables

7 July 2007

The Fatherhood Institute is running Regional Roundtables for Teenage Pregnancy Co-ordinators and Children’s Centre managers, between January and November 2008. We can also run ‘bespoke’ Roundtables locally, specifically for managers in your area on a date of your choice. 

Why these Roundtables NOW?

The Roundtables have been designed to help local services meet the strong policy requirements on father-inclusive practice coming from the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF – formerly the Department for Education and Skills).

 • Every Parent Matters (DfES, March 2007) argues that “father-child relationships – be they positive, negative or lacking – have profound and wide ranging impacts on children that last a lifetime.” Such impacts are particularly strong for disadvantaged children.
The Children’s Centre Guidance (November 2006) specifies that all centres should improve outcomes for children by supporting fathers as parents, and publicise their services to fathers specifically.
The National Service Framework for Children, Young People & Maternity Services (September 2004), and the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy (June 1999, updated in Teenage Pregnancy Next Steps, July 2006), require Children’s Services to engage systematically with fathers and mothers to improve children’s wellbeing; and consult with both parents over service design.
• The new Gender Equality Duty (in the Equality Act 2006) requires statutory services to consider and meet the needs of both women and men.
• The Childcare Act 2006 requires local authorities to facilitate and encourage access to early childhood services for parents, especially those unlikely to use them (e.g. fathers).
Aiming High for Children: Supporting Families (HM Treasury and DfES, March 2007) indicates that supporting father-child relationships is a growing priority for the future. It emphasises the need for a “culture change – from maternity services to early years, and from health visitors to schools – changing the way that they work to ensure that services reach and support fathers as well as mothers.”

Fathers Direct is supporting this policy agenda in partnership with DCSF and Together for Children.

When and where are these Roundtables?

The Roundtables for Teenage Pregnancy Co-ordinators and Children’s Centre Managers will take place as follows:

London 5 February 2009 (previous ones held on 3 Oct 07, 16 Jan 08 and 2 July 08) 
Manchester 19 March 2009

What Happens at a Roundtable?

The top team from the Fatherhood Institute will be present at each event, including the Chief Executive. The aim is a detailed and high-level discussion for a maximum of 20 participants with the UK’s leading experts on father-inclusive practice. The Roundtables will:

• explain current policy requirements for mainstreaming father-inclusive practice across all teenage pregnancy and Children’s Centre services;
• offer guidance on key steps to take to enhance outcomes for children through developing father-inclusive services;
• showcase examples of effective father-inclusive practice in teenage pregnancy and Children’s Centre services;
• help managers plan their response to this increasingly important policy agenda.

The morning session will focus on how to align local strategies with DCSF policy requirements. Over lunch there will be a discussion about the information needs of fathers and the DAD Information Service. In the afternoon, particular issues will be discussed in more detail – the precise agenda will be adjusted to respond to the particular interests and needs of those present. The session will conclude with “next steps” – how to make father-inclusive practice a reality.

By the end of the day, participants will have received guidance and information about the following key issues:

• defining objectives: which fathers to engage with, and why?
• developing effective systems to gather information about local fathers
• defining staff responsibilities to engage with fathers
• building staff competence and confidence to support father-child relationships
• designing all local services to be accessible and relevant for fathers
• monitoring and evaluating how father-inclusive services are.

There will also be space for participants to raise and discuss particular issues they are facing.

Participants will receive a package of £75 worth of publications.

Who are the Roundtables for?

The Roundtables are designed for those who are responsible for the operational management of individual local services. They are not designed to enhance individual workers skills or knowledge, and are therefore not suitable for front line staff or volunteers. Each Roundtable will be for a maximum of 20 managers.

To read feedback from a previous roundtable, click here.

Bookings and Enquiries

The cost of the day is £400 + VAT.

To book, or for more information, including about ‘bespoke’ roundtables, please email us, telephone 0845 634 1328 or complete a booking form.

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