Evening classes about raising sons

15 May 2007

Underachievement, high risk-taking, fear of crime and street violence often cause anxiety for parents with sons. Single mothers worry whether boys need fathers or male role models. How we get fathers involved is of increasing concern for Children’s Centres.

Working With Men has been working with boys and young men for over 20 years, and with fathers for the last seven. The organisation has built up solid experience of direct work and currently has 14 projects targeting boys, young men and fathers. This experience is underpinned with a knowledge of how men tick and of boys’ social development.

Now Working With Men has launched a package for Sure Starts/ Children’s Centres, to help target and engage fathers, and support parents with issues related to their sons.

Raising Boys is run as an evening session for parents concerned about their sons. Usually targeted at parents with 0-5’s, these sessions can also be delivered for 5-11’s and 11-16’s. There is a programme made up of five 1.5 hour sessions, and these have been particularly popular with single mothers. Development, discipline and boundaries form the bulk of the very practical content, which is underpinned by an understanding of gender and boys.

Working With Men also evaluates and writes a report on these courses – but do bear in mind the organisation can only offer the course within reasonable distance of South East London, at this time.

If you would like to discuss this course, email Trefor Lloyd or telephone 0207 394 9333.