Conference on changing nature of care

Published: 4 March 2007

Fathers Direct is contributing to a major conference on the future of caring in the UK, to be held on 21 March in central London.

The conference, run by policy think tank Demos, will focus on the changing nature of care across society: from who provides it, to how we pay for and find time for it. ‘While it is widely agreed that we do not want to go back to a model of female dominated care giving, it is also clear that as a society we are still unsure about what is going to replace it. The conference will explore how, as a society, we can move from away deficit model of care – and what the implications of this are for workplaces, families and public services,’ the organisation says.

At the conference Fathers Direct chief executive Duncan Fisher and Penny Mansfield from One Plus One will discuss the value of care to families; other sessions will include contributions from Neil Churchill from Age Concern and Caroline Tomlinson from In Control, discussing notions of interdependence, choice and power; and from Charlie Leadbeater and Jane Lewis, considering the policy implications and asking who should carry the cost of caring.

For more details email Peter Harrington, telephone 020 7367 6338, or visit the Demos website.

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