Call for fathers of disabled children to take part in survey

8 October 2007

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities is running a national survey aimed at building up a picture of the experiences of fathers of children with learning disabilities.

The survey covers issues such as:

  • dads’ involvement in childcare
  • whether it has led to changes in their paid work
  • the impact on your relationships with family and friends.

It also asks fathers if/how they would like to see changes in the way support is provided to their families, and how employers could better support fathers involved in their children’s care.

The FPLD will use this information to think about how fathers and families could receive better support through changes in policy and practice.

If you work with dads of children with learning disabilities and feel they may be interested in taking part in the Recognising Fathers survey, refer them to the online questionnaire or suggest they call 0207 803 1144 to have one posted to them. The deadline for completed surveys is 30 November 2007.