Book for dads of disabled children

19 July 2007

Different Dads: Fathers’ Stories of Parenting Disabled Children is the title of a terrific book that can be recommended to dads of disabled children.

These fathers can feel acutely overlooked when the focus of much parenting support is aimed at mothers. Different Dads is a collection of inspiring personal testimonies written by 21 fathers of disabled children, who reflect on their own experiences and offer advice to other fathers and families on the challenges of raising a child with a disability.

The fathers featured represent a broad spectrum of experience and disabilities. They have children affected by rare and not so rare conditions including Arthrogryposis, Oesophageal Atresia, Cytomegalovirus, Olliers Disease, Peters Anomaly, a rare chromosome disorder, CHARGE Syndrome and Cornelia de Lange Syndrome as well as a father who has yet to be given a diagnosis. Their children range in ages from 2-40.

What they all have in common are the challenges that face them and their families in raising a child with a disability. Issues explored include the reactions of family, friends and colleagues, how to deal with the organisations and professionals that support families with a disabled child and the difficulty of being open about feelings in a culture that doesn’t always expect men to have a sensitive or nurturing role.

The book is available to order from Jessica Kingsley Publishers, price £12.99. All royalties from the sale of the book go to Contact A Family.