Babyfathers: African Caribbean dads speak – a handout for fathers

3 July 2007

BABYFATHERS: African Caribbean dads speak is a beautifully illustrated pamphlet which provides insight into the lives and struggles of four African Caribbean fathers, each living in different circumstances: an imprisoned father, a non-resident father, a father who is still living with his child (but whose relationship is breaking down) and a stepfather.

This pamphlet can be used as a hand-out for African Caribbean fathers – to stimulate discussion with them, or as a ‘calling card’ to demonstrate the commitment of your service to engaging with African Caribbean fathers as well as mothers. It can also be used ‘in house’ to function as training resource, in order to help staff understand challenging fathering issues in African Caribbean communities.

We developed this pamphlet in partnership with the Babyfather Initiative based at Barnardos. Babyfather is the leading national organisation addressing the experiences of black fathers and their families.

You are welcome to download this item for FREE and to print out as many copies as you need. Alternatively, if you would like to pay for and order copies in bulk, please email us for a quotation.

View and download the handout.

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