Australian men and families conference

4 May 2007

The roles that Australian men are providing in families have altered dramatically in recent years, and men are now active advocates for accessing supportive and relevant services – including those centred around fatherhood. Many men identify fathering as something which is active, challenging, creative, irreplaceable, hard work and a central part of their life, regardless of their family situation.

Change is also happening at the provider level with increased activities dedicated to promoting positive health outcomes for men; a greater diversity in the number of programs dedicated to working with men; increased acceptance of working with men as a vocation; greater recognition of the diversity of male culture; and an enhanced level of contact between practitioners working with men.

But many Australian men are still struggling to adapt to some of the new job descriptions for what it is to be a man in the new millennium. Addressing the challenges of engaging these men will be central to the workshops at the 2007 National Men and Family Relationship Forum, to be held in Adelaide on 2-5 October. For more details visit