Your employment rights as a dad – where to go for advice and information

3 January 2006

The TIGER website ( is designed to provide a user-friendly guide through different aspects of UK employment law. You can navigate through TIGER using great hyperlinks including NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE , MATERNITY RIGHTS or PATERNITY RIGHTS , ADOPTION RIGHTS or FLEXIBLE WORKING RIGHTS

If you want need further advice on flexible working rights or any other employment law matters, ACAS is an excellent organisation. Acas provides information and advice on a range of employment law matters. Contact: 08457 47 47 47.

WORKING FAMILIES is another organisation with useful online and printed fact sheets: Working Families also offers free confidential legal and practical advice to parents on a low income. Call them on 0800 013 0313 – calls are free.

Another key organisation is CITIZENS ADVICE (formerly known as the Citizen’s Advice Bureaux). You can find out where your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau is through the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux Advice from the CAB is available at

AND FINALLY . . . if you think that you are actually facing sex-discrimination in the way you are treated as a working father, contact the EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES COMMISION. They offer advice and publications on sex discrimination and how to bring your case to an employment tribunal. Advice line: 0845 601 5901 Email: or visit the website at