What is it like to be a disabled father?

19 November 2006

The organisers of a workshop, Disabled Fathers: Identifying a Research Agenda, to be held at the University of Hull on 22 February 2007, would like to hear from disabled fathers.

One aim of the workshop is to contribute towards building an evidence-base on the experiences and needs of disabled fathers. As well as inviting disabled fathers to attend the workshop, the organisers are keen to hear from as many disabled fathers as possible about their experiences.

If you have a story to tell or know someone who might; and/or if you want to find out more about the workshop, contact Majella Kilkey: by email to M.M.Kilkey@hull.ac.uk; or by post to CASS, University of Hull, Cottingham Road, Hull HU6 7RX. All contributions will be treated in a confidential and anonymous manner.