Well prepared dads calm birthing women’s fears

17 March 2006

UK researchers have discovered that Caesarian mothers’ post-operative pain is strongly linked to their fear-experiences during delivery. A calm and well-prepared birth partner is often able to soothe that fear, leading to short term positive effects for the mother (a better birth experience) and longer term impact (lower post-operative pain). Since 1:3 births is now by Caesarian section, the implications for ante-natal educators are clear: to ensure that fathers (97% of whom now attend their babies’ births) are well prepared for, and have a good understanding of, this intervention.

Ref: Keogh E, Hughes S, Ellery D, Daniel C D. & Holdcroft A 2006) ‘Psychosocial Influences on Women’s Experience of Planned Elective Cesarean Section’ in Psychosomatic Medicine 68:167-174 (our thanks to Dr Sebastian Kraemer for drawing this to our attention)