Parent Child 2006 International Conference

Published: 18 April 2006

13-14 November 2006, The New Connaught Rooms, 61-65 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5DA, UK

Happy Families? Supporting parents, improving relationships and strengthening families; what works, what we know and what we need to know.

Contact: Please contact us with any questions at and 0207 424 3460.

Information about conference location, registration and workshop proposal submissions: For information about conference location, registration and workshop proposal submissions, please visit:

Background to the conference and its 2006 theme

Organised by the National Family and Parenting Institute, Parent Child 2006 follows the success of Parent Child 2000 (on early years) Parent Child 2002 (on adolescence) and Parent Child 2004 (on Family Futures) and the ‘Working with family relationships’ conference held in June 2005.

Parent Child 2006 will showcase a range of research, policy and practice issues relevant to improving the emotional well being of families, parents and children in the UK and across the world.

For the first time, one conference will look at the broad and sometimes confusing range of services that support happy healthy relationships in families, such as:

*Parent information points to parenting classes and support groups
*Therapeutic support to psychiatric intervention
*Counselling to mediation
*And with a focus on specialist services to support relationships for dads, parents with special needs or disabilities, parents belonging to specific minority ethnic or cultural groups and younger parents.

The conference will offer:

*Practical lessons from the latest research
*Clear focus on what works for families
*Latest thinking on complex issues
*Chance(s) to network with colleagues from across sectors

Target Audience:

*Family support agencies
*Sure Start local programmes
*Children’s centres
*Extended schools
*Primary health services
*Social workers
*Children’s Trusts
*Researchers, policy makers, academics, officials and representatives from voluntary organisations

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