North East Forum Meeting

Published: 17 March 2006

Post – Natal Depression and Fatherhood

A regional fatherhood event for practitioners and managers

When a new baby is born, health visitors and doctors are trained to look for signs of postnatal depression in the mother. But new research suggests that healthcare workers should also be looking for signs of depression in the father too – because it appears to have long term consequences on the child’s behaviour and emotional development.
"The influence of fathers in very early childhood may have been under-estimated in the past, but these findings indicate that paternal depression has a specific and persisting impact on children’s early behavioural and emotional development and that fathers influence their children’s development from very early in life.

"Although largely neglected to date, paternal depression in the postnatal period should be recognised and treated by healthcare professionals in order to lessen any adverse effects on the child."

The line up for guest speakers at 11th April 2006 NE Forum Meeting is as follows:
Mark Collins – Male engagement Worker, Sure Start Middlesborough
Nigel Clerk – Health Visitor, Sure Start Middlesborough

Fatherwork updates from around the region will take place 12.00 – 1.30 with a break for lunch* followed by guest speakers 1.30 – 3.00pm.

Do you have a question or discussion point you would like to raise in the meeting or ask the guest speakers?
Email We would also appreciate contributions from practitioners and managers who can talk about work with Fathers and men that is happening in their area.

* Please let us know in advance or indicate in the reply form if you would like us to order a sandwich for you – we ask for a contribution of £2

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