National “Cook with Dad” Day launched

22 March 2006

Jonathan Ross has been voted by 43% of mums as the celebrity dad they believe is most likely to cook up a storm in the kitchen with his kids. Results released today by British Meat found that Jude Law and Tony Blair only won 4% and 3.6% of the votes respectively!

The survey, commissioned for the first-ever National ‘Cook with Dad’ Day (Saturday 25th March 2006) also found that:

„X More than 77% think that a man who can cook is more attractive
„X Nearly 70% of women think that the best treat for Mother’s Day would be a meal cooked by their partner and children
„X Only 39% of husbands and partners were found to actually cook with their children

In a bid to get Dads and kids together in the kitchen, British Meat and parenting charity Fathers Direct have enlisted the help of Chef and Dad Paul Merrett to launch National ‘Cook with Dad’ Day. Fortunately for Mums, the first one falls the day before Mothering Sunday!

“It’s a very well known fact among chefs that the way to a woman’s heart is through getting creative in the kitchen”, explains Paul, “but too few Dads realise that cooking is a great way to bond with their kids too. I’m really chuffed to have been asked to get involved in this campaign, because it combines my two great passions, my family and food!”

Tom Beardshaw, from Fathers Direct, the national centre for information on Fatherhood, explains that by cooking with their children dads can play an essential part in their healthy development, “All too often it is Dads who set a bad example when it comes to the way they eat. Boys in particular see their Fathers as key role models. By actually cooking fun, healthy, nutritious meals, Dads can help their

children to develop a healthy relationship with food. There are very few kids who don’t like playing chef and why should Dads miss out on all the fun?”

To help Dads get started cooking with their kids, British Meat has developed a booklet of easy to prepare recipes, simple enough for even young children to get involved. Called ‘Child’s Play’ it contains straightforward recipes for tasty temptations like Giant’s Beef Bread, Lamblicious Burger Sticks and Porky Beans. Copies are available free of charge by calling 01908 232 522 or by logging on to where lots of other recipes and tips on nutrition can be found.

Further survey results:
• 78% of women think that being able to cook makes a man more attractive
• Welsh dads seem to be doing best, where 51% of mums said their partners get into the kitchen and cook with their kids
• The North East is the region where Mums are most attracted by involved dads (98%)
• 70% of women would prefer a meal cooked by their partner and kids to any other traditional treat. Only 13% would prefer flowers, 11% perfume and 7% chocolates
• East of England mums are the least likely to appreciate having a meal cooked, with 26% saying they would rather have flowers
• Jonathan Ross was the dad most perceived to spend time cooking with his children, followed by Ronan Keating (32%) and Richard Madeley (18%)