Innovative local poster campaign promotes condom use among boys & young men

30 January 2006

A condom poster campaign designed by the UK experts in work with young males (Working With Men – WWM) and targeting 16-25 year olds from diverse communities has been launched in Tower Hamlets, East London, with content and design developed from in-depth consultation with lads from White, African, African Caribbean and South East Asian backgrounds.

The findings confirmed previous research that has identified young men’s reluctance to use condoms as being associated with “don’t know how”; drugs & alcohol; not feeling responsible for contraception; not feeling at risk of STIs; and distrust and ignorance of sexual health clinics.

WWM Consultant Neil Davidson points out that young men are often poorly informed about sex and relationship issues, contraception and STIs; and also that myths about condoms and clinics, together with peer pressure to indulge in risk taking sexual behaviour, undermine their confidence in taking responsibility.

Funded by the Teenage Pregnancy team, Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust, and Tower Hamlets council, the campaign is part of a long-term strategy to tackle teenage pregnancy in the borough and reduce the numbers of young people diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Contact Divya Kohli: or call: 07930 410 387

To download copies of the posters in pdf format, right click the links below and select "Save Target As…"

Condom Poster Pack – Zip file of all posters

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