Dads Matter booklet

30 June 2006

‘A baby can respond to sounds in the womb – it already knows its dad’s voice’

‘Children who spend time with their dad before the age 11 are less likely to have a criminal record at 21’

‘When a child is born – a father is born’

These are a few of the esteem-building quotes from Dads Matter – a booklet produced by Children North East in partnership with Sure Start Wear Valley and Family Learning in County Durham.

The booklet, aimed at dads and their families, features real people, real stories and real experiences, along with up to date research on fathers’ and male carers’ importance in their children’s lives – making it ideal for improving dads’ sense of worth and for creating a more father-friendly atmosphere in your organisation.

To order copies email Eileen Botterill or telephone 0845 130 7225.

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