DAD Pack

8 March 2006

DadPackThe DAD Pack is a smart, rectangular, cardboard container, slightly larger-than-A5 in size, and packed with stylish, colour illustrated cards and posters covering:

  • DADMyths: Mythbusting facts and questions to challenge common mistaken beliefs about fatherhood.
  • DADQuiz: What sort of Dad are you? A fun quiz
  • DADmap: A2 poster road map to your child’s development from birth to 7.
  • NewDAD: Essential information for every new father.
  • GreatDAD: 10 key figures from the black community on being a dad.
  • RightDAD: Your rights and responsibilities at work and at home.
  • DADpraise: 100 ways to praise your child. A2 poster to put up at work or at home.
  • SuperDAD: FIVE ways to save your child’s life.
  • DADCash: How to sort out the money.

All DAD Packs are accompanied by Notes for Practitioners. The packs are designed in such a way that you can ‘brand’ them for your own organisation by adding your own sticker on the outside of the pack and placing your own, local information inside. It is also possible to commission specialised DAD branded materials for inclusion. Packs can be ordered by emailing Dad Info.  They are available in boxes of 20 packs: £69 plus £11 P&P (UK) (overseas postage more expensive) (N.B. Packs are not sold singly – a box of 20 is the minimum order).

If you would like to view items from DAD Pack, you can download samples in PDF format below (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files). Right click the sample links below and select "Save Target As…" Please note: These samples are NOT for reproduction. You will be in violation of copyright laws if you reproduce and distribute them.