Working with Fathers: a Guide for Everyone Working with Families

20 September 2005

Working with FathersThis classic guide to engaging with individual fathers, and to drawing them in to family and children’s services, has been described as ‘my Bible’ by delighted practitioners who have applied its principles to transform their practice.

Packed with practitioner-wisdom, Working With Fathers is a unique distillation of experience and insights gained by practitioners from the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA, some of whom have worked with fathers for more than 20 years, and all of whom were interviewed for this publication by its authors – the Fatherhood Institute’s Services Manager, David Bartlett and Research Manager, Adrienne Burgess (author of the seminal Fatherhood Reclaimed: the making of the modern father).

This Guide is essential reading for any manager looking to ensure that their services to children and families are inclusive of fathers and supportive of father-child and father-mother relationships. It contains a well-developed theoretical argument, key findings from research, and a wealth of tips and strategies. It can be read in association with our Toolkit for Father-Inclusive Practice.

Working with Fathers also complements a range of specialist Fatherhood Institute guides to working with, for example, African Caribbean fathers and Muslim fathers, and with fathers in drugs & alcohol services.

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