Who will help men who use violence to change their behaviour? RESPECT will . . .

29 December 2005

RESPECT can point you in the right direction  . . .

The Respect Phoneline (0845 122 8609) was officially launched in November 2004 as a pilot project providing information and advice to domestic violence perpetrators, their partners, (ex)partners, friends and family and to frontline workers who come into contact with perpetrators in their work.

The Respect Phoneline is open for 24 hours per week as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm.
You can also get in touch by email: phoneline@respect.uk.net and visit www.respect.uk.net

* RESPECT publishes publicity material (postcard sized leaflets and A3 posters) aimed at perpetrators in English, Arabic, Mandarin, Polish, Punjabi, Somali, Turkish, Urdu and Welsh, audio tape, large print and Braille.

* RESPECT provides leaflets for professionals who come into contact with perpetrators.

* RESPECT is Type Talk aware (Typetalk enables deaf, deafblind, deafened, hard of hearing and speech impaired people to communicate with hearing people)

* RESPECT subscribes to Language Line to make their service accessible to people whose first language is not English.

* RESPECT’s answerphone service operates when lines are busy or closed.

* RESPECT has also produced an important directory which lists domestic violence perpetrator programmes and associated support services in the UK. Currently there are only programmes for men who are violent or abusive to their female partner, but hopefully programmes for those in same-sex relationships and work with women who are violent to men will soon be developed. This directory is called: ‘Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programmes and Associated Support Services, Trainers and Consultants’ (2004)
PRICE: £5 plus £2 p&p


Email info@respect.uk.net or ring the phoneline 0845 122 8609 to order any of the materials mentioned in this email.

1st Floor, Downstream Building
1 London Bridge

telephone (office): 020 7022 1801
fax: 020 7022 1806

The Respect Phoneline: 0845 122 8609

Respect is a registered charity, number: 1083968

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