Useful Muslim Links: Publishers/Media

2 April 2005


Q-News is a monthly colour magazine published from London, which contains articles relevant to Muslims today, covering religion, politics and lifestyle issues.

The philosophy of Q-News is a combination of style, appeal and relevance to the Muslim community living in the west and around the world. Over the years, Q-News has repeatedly set the agenda, rather than react to it. Our chief interest lies in the development of a unique and relevant Western Muslim discourse.


Salam is an Islamic lifestyle magazine published in Britain.


Muslim lifestyle magazine published in Britain.

The Muslim News

The Muslim News is a monthly Muslim newspaper in the UK.

Zarafa Books

Children’s books

Taha Publishers

Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd. was established in 1400 AH/1980 CE, when our first small book was published. Since that time, we have been responsible for over 250 publications, some 150 of which are currently in print and distributed worldwide.

Their titles range from recent translations of early classical works by Muslim scholars to more modern issues tackled by contemporary authors. Taha has a large range of books for children, women, family and parenting.


Islam4children was launched aiming to provide parents access to children’s Islamic educational aids. The website is based in UK and offers the opportunity for you to buy from one place, whilst providing a reliable and efficient service for customers.

Sound Vision

Sound Vision aims to produce content with Islamic ideals and images for all current and future media.

Sound Vision provide a variety of services which include a variety of books specialising in children’s books, resources, links articles and information on: news, education, halal and beauty, parenting, teens, kids, marriage, the Quran, community, family, newsletter, directory, events.

Hud Hud Books

Publisher of children’s books.